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Mission Statement:

Supporting Children, Youth, and Adults on Their Life’s Journey Towards Independence.


We are pleased to announce The Walmart Foundation has awarded Fraser, Ltd. $50,000 for the Transitional Youth Services (TYS) program. The TYS program is committed to providing services addressing barriers to independent living and self-sufficiency, offering opportunities that promote the healthy life skills necessary to receive and maintain stable and long-term housing. On behalf of all of us at Fraser and the people we serve, we are grateful to the Walmart Foundation for your support.




"A spotlight on the mental health industry in North Dakota"



We are grateful for this fantastic volunteer crew from Doosan Bobcat who landscaped one of our ten residential homes supporting adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Thank you, Doosan Bobcat, for your Day of Service and making our community a better place. #DoosanBobcat #dayofservice #volunteers





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