Transitional Youth Services

Our Mission:

Transitional Youth Services provides shelter, basic needs, life skills education and advocacy services for disenfranchised youth by supporting independent thought and empowering self-directed action.

Transitional Youth Services (TYS) represents two unique programs, Stepping Stones Resource Center and the Transitional Living /Emergency Shelter Program. It is the goal of these programs to fill the need of sheltering and housing options, basic needs, life skills education and advocacy services for transitioning young adults ages 16 - 26 who are homeless or are at risk of being homeless.

Stepping Stones Resource Center:

Stepping Stones Resource Center (SSRC) for ages 16-24 is a safe environment where young people can receive food, hygiene products, and clothing; find healthy and safe ways to spend time off the streets through recreational, social, leisure, and artistic outlets; and utilize desktop computers to search jobs, prepare resumes, take skill training courses, work on homework, etc. In addition to these services, SSRC offers case management services, ranging from help locating a GED testing center to assistance with college entrance. In addition to independent living skills, SSRC case managers offer therapeutic services providing opportunities to discuss issues that hamper the health and positive outlook a center guest experiences while providing a chance to set goals and work towards desired outcomes with a licensed practitioner.

A majority of the young adults utilizing SSRC meet the definition of being transitionally homeless due to residing in shelters, bouncing from one friends couch to another or continuing residence in a precarious housing environment. SSRC serves as an advocate and liaison between the target population and area shelters. Shelter directors acknowledge that this population has different needs based on their developmental stage, making the target population’s use of the shelters inappropriate and concerning.

Transitional Living Program:

The Transitional Living Program / Emergency Shelter for ages 18-26, allows Fraser, Ltd. to provide housing/shelter options for young adults that takes into consideration their developmental stage while providing solid therapeutic case management services. Residents of the Transitional Living Program engage in personal goal setting that focuses on education and employment, while receiving independent living/life skills training. Residents utilizing the Emergency Shelter receive crises management and brief therapeutic case management to establish a plan for achieving stability, whether that may be entering the Transitional Living Program or finding an alternative living situation. Emergency Shelter guests may reside for a few days to a couple of weeks, while the Transitional Living Program residents sign contracts and reside for a month to a year, depending on their progress and commitment to the program as well as their investment in their personal goals.

In the News: 

Minnesota Public radio highlights services offered by Fraser, Ltd.'s Transitional Youth Services. 

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